lunedì 26 ottobre 2009

Gianni Vattimo. Philosophy as Ontology of Actuality

Those who are interested in a "biographical-theoretical interview" to myself with Luca Savarino and Federico Vercellone, published in "Iris", I, 2 October 2009, pp. 311-350, are now given the opportunity to read it online, as a result of the Open Journal System (OJS) launched by Firenze University Press. The paper is available at: Enjoy it.

"Gianni Vattimo. Philosophy as Ontology of Actuality". A biographical-theoretical interview with Luca Savarino and Federico Vercellone
Abstract: The following interview retraces the intellectual development of a leading contemporary thinker, from his early student years to his most recent interventions as a political philosopher, and includes a discussion of some of his most well-known and influential theoretical contributions, such as the notion of “weak thought” and his reflections on postmodernism. Gianni Vattimo presents his philosophy to the reader as an “ontology of actuality” which can only properly be understood in the light of the author’s Christian background and his unwavering interest in social and political questions.

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