venerdì 15 gennaio 2010

Audizioni dei Commissari europei: Androula Vassiliou

Un resoconto dell'audizione della Commissaria designata Androula Vassiliou alla Commissione Cultura e Istruzione. Tratto da NewEurope (

Under the auspices of the culture and education Committee in the European Parliament Cypriot national and former Commissioner for Health Androula Vassiliou brought with her a strong, vocal, well developed outlook of Europe on culture, multilingualism, education, sport and inclusive of research.

The basics she mentioned time and again were essential, families and good teachers as well as going into details which left one and all in the committee impressed as she answered every question fully, highlighting relevant legislations, case law, facts, statistics, reports and examples from across Europe as well as her personal life. Especially following the economic crisis she said we have to stand behind the 80 million Europeans with low skills. She is looking forward to the new sectors of her portfolio especially a mandate to engage with youth in the diplomatic process, and sport, which will mean great cooperation with competition and internal market Commissioners.

She mentioned her praise for the Bologna Process amongst universities, the achievement of its 10 year anniversary and the conference surrounding this in March where she plans to bring to education ministers from around Europe a message from the Committee to strengthen and increase the benefits of this system. The European Institute for Innovation and Technology was a school she was greatly looking forward to seeing flourish.

A new initiative will be that of "Youth on the move" embracing the mobility of youth form the school years to researchers to culture to sport and of course the question of volunteering is also very important because we find volunteering is helping young people get better experiences and increase their learning in life. Also being called to talk about the non tolerance in Europe on volunteering being exploited. Culture capitals were encouraged and she hopes these can continue as they bring facets of a city perhaps not so emphasized previously to the fore and aid in the local economies, as happened in an industrial town such as Essen for example recently.

MEP BADIA I CUCHET brought up the sensitive issue of Slovakia where Hungarian has become illegal amongst the minority there of which the Commissioner showed she was well informed on and was heartened by the actions of the two Prime Ministers of the countries pledging cooperation as of course the Commission cannot impose language specifications on any Member State.

Another issue which Madame Vassiliou will be called to tackle if she is given the designate task will be inclusion of youth as the Interest of young people on what is happening in Europe, the distance of youth not only in the EU but also in many societies is well known but as an addition to the Lisbon treaty will have to take action to see that people are more involved in democratic actions, and mobilize interest in EU life, democratic affairs, international affairs and these should be a part of policy making.

Great examples also came from the MEPs themselves as MEP LOKKEGAARD from Denmark brought forth an example from his country that of industrial PhDs; study organized between the state, universities and workplaces and would she be willing to consider such proposals, to which she offered ayes after intial research and proven benefits of course. Examples from the Czech Republic on vocational projects, further initiatives on training and work experience as well as a real focus on multilingualism were purported to be of weighted importance in her 5 year plan to come, should she be confirmed.

MEP VATTIMO brought up the complicated issue of mutual recognition between European Universities which Madame Vassiliou pledged to urge member states to look at in greater detail, "There is a very wide gap between what member states are doing," she conceded.One extension to means amongst them could be a further involvement of the European Investment Bank via loans for students in bilateral actions with the Member States could be an option.

Following prompting from MEP TRUPEL she did not hesitate to highlight that Internet development cannot doubt the right of creators to be properly rewarded for their work otherwise we will not have this work.And finally, as well as covering the importance of the MEDIA portfolio being added to her agenda and asked to provide support to public media by a member she emphasized also the rights of the child and how education was a human right, especially to children who don't have the opportunity to do this immigrants included matching the skills of the market, "to give better prospects to our young people for a better life."A large portfolio, with important elements which will be tackled ably was the impression one was given form this hearing.


"I would like for Erasmus Mundus to build Europe's global attractiveness for study and research"
"The MEDIA programme has been added to my portfolio - European cinema is an added factor and part of expressing Europe's culture and must help us bring out the cultural diversity of Europe making it globally competitive"
"Trade agreements are a good way to promote cultural agreements if we want to encourage trade relations with other countries we have to make sure that cultural diversity is respected"
"Those who have been most hit by the crisis are the young people and the less skilled"

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